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Our goal here at Tula Being Mindful Movement is to work towards a sense of balance and achieve a state of wellbeing through simple daily movement and mindfulness practices.

"If we can learn to tune inwards, we can learn to trust our heart-felt judgment and we can begin to observe what we are yearning for. We can start to make choices in life that align with our authentic self and begin to live with a sense of harmony not only with others but also with ourselves."

- Hannah Balint

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Sean Faehrmann

I may not have a whole lot of yoga experience, but I’d take a lot of convincing that Hannah isn’t the best yoga guide you could ever hope to meet. She approaches her classes with such empathy and care that you immediately feel welcome and safe.  Her spirit comes across so strongly, creating such a present atmosphere, where the rest of life just melts away.  Nothing is ever presented as a direction or expectation, rather everything is presented as a suggestion, with thoughtful consideration for varying capabilities. 

Hannah takes great care to ensure that no matter where you are in your yoga journey, from beginners to experts, every moment of her class feels tailored for you. 


Yoga with Hannah is a rewarding and uplifting experience!

Jas Chawla

Hannah is a wonderful yoga teacher- the only one that has managed to keep me going with my practice! 


Hannah’s style is perfect for anyone who wants a good stretch and flow workout which will nurture and renew you for your day. Hannah guides you through your practice, ensuring you understand the fundamentals of technique, the importance of connecting and being present. She teaches you to tune in to the rhythm of your breath, helping you stay focused and work within your own limits through a session. 


In a sentence Hannah is a motivating teacher who will challenge you to a comfortable level, whilst ensuring you remain mindful and centred through your practice. 

Bedelia Sheperd

I first met Hannah when I started attending Aerial Yoga classes with her 3 years ago. Her Aerial teaching was what inspired me to learn more so I could introduce Aerial Yoga into my wellness Retreats .


Hannah’s background as a teacher & her passion for music is a wonderful combination for the unique yoga teaching style she has created. In person or online Hannah will engage with your mind and body in a soulful, authentic and heartfelt way. 


As a yogi myself I love Hannah’s beautiful teaching style. From Yin to Vinyasa you will find a mindfully connective flow. I have loved my yoga journey with Hannah so much so that we collaborated on a successful Yoga Retreat Day in Brisbane and I dearly hope it’s the first of many . 


Your time on the mat with Hannah will quickly become your favourite time of the week.  

Home: About
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